Why you need a video?

There are many good reasons - some you will find here.
  • Videos call attention

    Our whole life takes place in motion pictures. Everything we see is moving and we remember that. Movies and videoclips, show us therefore information as we would see it with our own eyes. We notice video advertising in different sections, when surfing on the internet, watching videoclips, product research, the usage of online media libaries, reading of journalistic content, reading of blogs, or listening to music. Furthermore 43% of men and 29% of women state, that they find video advertising more interesting than static banners.

  • Videos create emotions

    Videos with real-video, feel natural. "As we would see it with our own eyes". That speaks to us and recalls memories and feelings. Emotions and stories don't just catch the eye, through the tied connection we can process the information easier. Stories including details are easier memorized than staight facts.

  • Videos are easy

    Today more and more information is raining down on us. Day after day we have to filter those informations, categorize and evaluate it. 35% of internet users find video advertising more interesting than static advertising. 30% find advertisement of companies good and like to watch it and even 25% click more often on video advertising to receive more information.

  • Videos are versatile

    Regardless of weather it is a video on a website, advertisement, exhibition presentation, in-stream video ad or commercial on tv, with a video there is a variety of options for its usage. With versatile application possibilities you can define a specific target group. With that its ensured that you reach your audience and limit the expenses. In addition you can easily create fitting flyers, newspaper articles, photographs and much more besides that.

Runner in the forest filmed by MoClip

Video types

For different appications there are different types of videos.
  • Corparate movie

    A corporate movie is a classic amog videos. Besides the company itself and optionally a selection of the products, special attention is set on the motivation and special characteristics of the company. This video type is based on emotions. Its supposed to state clear why this company stands out, and what makes it special.
  • Product video

    In product videos are a product, a series or a range of products presented. Mainly it is about details and functionality of the product. Questions of the customer are answered, specialities are presented and the product is shown from all perspectives.
  • Recruiting video

  • Promotional clip

    Ein Werbeclip soll Aufmerksamkeit auf ein Produkt oder eine Dienstleistung erregen. Es geht primär darum, in möglichst kurzer Zeit das Interesse des Betrachters zu wecken, indem einige Schlüsselemente genannt werden.

    Werbeclips werden dann mit Landingpages verbunden, auf denen man weitere Informationen - zum Beispiel durch ein Produktvideo - erhält.

More video types

In addition to the video types above we also offer: wedding movies, application videos, trailer for events, documentaries, industry movies, recruiting videos, short movies, recordings of events, lectures and speeches, trade fair videos, donation appeals, christmas and new year messages, end-of-year reviews and many many more.

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