Increase your sales with videos!

More and more people make their purchase decision after watching videos. You shouldn't miss this change.

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Using video makes you visible!

We help you in strengthen your marketing with professional product videos and corporate movies.

Egal ob Produktvideo, Imagefilm, Werbeclip oder virales Video: Mit bewegten Bildern lässt sich inhalt besser vermitteln denn Ideen und Visionen bleiben im Kopf. Das ist auch nötig, denn immer mehr Informationen prasseln im heutigen Zeitalter auf uns ein. Dadurch wird es umso wichtiger, dass Informationen einfach zugänglich sind und auffallend präsentiert werden.

64 % kaufen ein Produkt eher, wenn sie Videos gesehen haben. Das hat Forbes herausgefunden. Warten Sie also nicht, bis der Mitbewerber Sie abgehängt hat. Hängen Sie ihn ab, indem Sie jetzt mit Videomarketing durchstarten.

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Corporate movies show who you are

If you want to show what makes your company unique and outstanding, what's your philosophy, and what makes you the right partner, a corporate movie is exactly what you are looking for.
Video tells stories: It combines facts with emotions. Thereby it's easy to understand complex information. Stories are more effective than pictures.

Product videos can describe features

Customers do not read much text! Replace pages and pages of information by short product videos and your sales will increase measurably. Why is that so? By video you can qickly and easily receive a lot of information in less than two minutes. Product videos don't need to be expensive - they have to get to the heart of it.

In addition to the video types above we also offer: wedding movies, application videos, trailer for events, documentaries, industry movies, recruiting videos, short movies, recordings of events, lectures and speeches, trade fair videos, donation appeals, christmas and new year messages, end-of-year reviews and many many more.

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Why MoClip?

We are not filmmakers, we are marketing professionals

We at MoClip are specialized in helping technical companies by creating eye-catching videos. Therefore it's important to understand complex contexts and products - our special field.
With the high demand for quality and professionality we guarantee to fulfill your aspirations and make sure the video serves the right purpose.

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MoClip is a video agency from Griesheim. Primarily we offer corporate movies and product videos as well as many other kinds. Our customers are from Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Worms, Bensheim, Heppenheim, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Offenbach, Langen and across the borders of the Rhein-Main area.