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Corporate movies, product videos and commercials for the technical industry

More and more people make their purchase decision after watching videos. You shouldn't miss this change. Increase your sales with videos!

How does it work?

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MoClip - video expert for technical industry

With expertise and high knowledge of the market we are the right agency

Only who really understands your products can explain them to a third party. Out of that simple reason we are not only a video agency and market specialists, we are also technicians. We speak the language of your industry and know the technical terms. To understand complex products and operations is our daily business, to put them into a corporate movies as well.

Our technicians understand your products and services, and develop the concept of the video in cooperation with you.

As a professional video agency, we film and cut according to the current standards. You will receive a video in highest quality.

After completion of your video you will receive further assistance. Thanks to practical marketing advice your video can be used optimally.
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How can we help you?

Which bottleneck can we solve for you, how can we meet your needs?

More customers, more revenue

Product videos, how prospects become customers

Customers don't read long texts! Use short product videos and your revenue increases significantly. Why is thas so?

A video is able to transer a huge amount of information in just a few minutes. So prospects learn hwo your products perfom and as result they become customers. Product videos don't need to be expensive they have to sum up the relevant features in a nutshell.

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The easy way to find employees

Recruiting videos ensure more and even better candidates

The labor market evolved towards an employer market. Thats why many companies suffer from their key bottleneck to find qualified employees.

Together we develop a strong employer brand help to position your company. You will get more and better applications and benefit from less fluctuation.

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More visibility and a strong brand

Use a corporate video to show that you are the best

If you stand out from your competitors you will be indispensable. So why should a customer buy from you of all suppliers?

If you want to point out what makes your company unique and that you are the right partner, a corporate movie is the method of choice.

More about corporate movies

In addition to the video types above we also offer: wedding movies, application videos, trailer for events, documentaries, industry movies, recruiting videos, short movies, recordings of events, lectures and speeches, trade fair videos, donation appeals, christmas and new year messages, end-of-year reviews and many many more.

These industries count on us

Customers from these sectors rely on our knowledge and enjoy communication on eye level

  • Robotics

  • Engeneering

  • Autobile

  • Chemistry

  • Automatization

  • Production

  • Web Shops

  • Software Development

Why MoClip?

Would you send a professional soccer player out on the basketball field?

MoClip isn't a "we can do everything!"- marketing agency consisting of chaotic creative minds, and that's not what it is supposed to be. Instead we are specialized particularly in supporting technical companies with exactly one product for their marketing: video.

Our founder set the foundation with his studies in physics. The work on the partly high complex experimental setups, led him to the desire to find an easy solution for the explanation. With video he found it, and made it his mission, to enable other companies to use video.

Furthermore, he learned to analyze and to understand highly complex connections. This is exactly what is necessary, to meet the very particular requirements of our customers. Along with that and with the aspiration on high quality, we guaranty not only to meet your needs, but also that the video will serve its purpose.

Using video makes you visible

Using professional product videos and corporate movies, your marketing will go trough the ceilings

No matter if product video, corporate movie or viral video, with moving images presenting information is much easyser because ideas and visions will be remembered. And that is very important. Today more and more information is raining down on us. Which makes it even more important to make information easy accessable and present it eye-catching.

64 % will buy a product more likely if they watched a video. That's what Forbes found out. So, don't wait until you're left behind by your competitors. Leave them behind by getting your video marketing started.

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