Aufnahme von Sprecher für Livestream

Livestream and recording

Trainings, events, product launches

From the camera to Teams, Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, etc.: We take care of all the technology!

Trainings, events, product launches

We stream your speech directly to Teams, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo

Professionelle Livestreams in erstklassiger Qualität

Für Präsentationen, Schulungen und Meetings die überzeugen, braucht es hochwertige Bild- und Tonqualität.

Livestream Aufbau Schulung

Trainings, courses, seminars

When getting everyone into the same room is a logistical challenge, livestreaming helps. Whether your viewers are watching from work, home, other locations, or another part of the globe: A livestream brings everyone together. All without travel costs and coordination hassles.

All those who cannot attend have the opportunity to catch up on the training thanks to a recording. All without any further costs or planning effort.

  •  Your opportunities:

    Trainings and workshops
    Online courses
    Onboarding for new employees
    Advanced training

Livestream Aufbau Veranstaltung

Events and panel discussions

Whether it's onboarding, lectures, panel discussions, product presentations or other events, you can reach as many people as you want at the same time via livestream.

And with a simultaneous recording, the memory lasts even longer.

  •  Your opportunities:

    Panel discussions
    Welcome events for new employees
    product launches and presentations

Aufzeichnung von Podiumsdiskussion

Active support

We take care of all critical tasks and help you run smoothly

Our team of video experts is ready to help you and answer all your questions about livestreaming. Together we determine the sequence of the livestream and the appropriate channel, we work out dependencies and requirements and prepare everything.

On the day of the livestream, we brief all participants, check and test the technology in detail and supervise the livestream from start to finish. If desired, we take over the management of the event in Teams, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.

„Once again a big praise, these have become excellent videos and we thank you very much for the extremely uncomplicated and reliable cooperation. Despite the time pressure we have received an optimal result!”
Dr. Tobias Große-Puppendahl
Dr. Tobias Große-Puppendahl Porsche

Ready for your livestream?

Aufzeichnung von Podiumsdiskussion

The technical possibilities

Livestream Aufbau Perspektiven

Everything in sight thanks to various perspectives

With up to four camera perspectives, your viewers have everything in sight and in many cases even better than at a live event.

  •  Typical setup:

    Camera 1: Closeup of the speaker
    Camera 2: Long shot for a good overview
    Camera 3: Detail shot of speaker's activity
    Camera 4: Monitor signal from the speaker's computer

  •  More options:

    Display logos and names
    View media and slides

Ready for your livestream?