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Studio for social media content, e-learning content, product videos, FAQ videos and many more.

One studio - many possibilities

Our studio is versatile and can be adapted to your needs

Social-Media-Dreh für Facebook, Instagram, YouTube und LinkedIn

"Content is King!"

More and more companies are regularly distributing content on social media. This makes it possible to increase organic reach in the long term.

The production of content for social media can consist of individual videos or a complete set of videos.

Advantages of social media content:

  •   Build expert status
  •   Reach future customers with inbound marketing
  •   Present and explain products
  •   Provide information for customers
Studio Preise

Product videos and presentations

High quality product shots, show the elegance and functionality of your products. Whether a monochrome background, green screen keying or a specially designed environment, our studio can be adapted to your wishes.

Application of product shots:

  •   Teaser and trailer
  •   Advertising
  •   Manuals and FAQ
E-Learning Videos

E-learning - videos for training and online courses

Online courses and other training videos usually do not need a special filming location and can be conveniently implemented in the studio. We will adapt the studio to your needs. This creates your personal environment with an individual look for your video lessons in no time.

Application of training videos:

  •   Onboarding for new employees
  •   Briefings and training
  •   Online courses (video as a product)
  •   Customer service (aftersales)

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The studio at a glance

Studio Hintergründe

Backgrounds on demand

Backgrounds in various solid colors are available for use in the studio. We also offer printed fabric backgrounds in wood, stone or marble look.

The desired color is not available? We will gladly procure the right color for your project.

Aktuell verfügbare Hintergründe

Studio Möbel

Setup according to purpose

Our studio is equipped with various furniture, plants and accessories available for shooting.

You have special wishes? No problem, we get what is still missing or you bring your own props.

Lightboard Videos Lightboard Videos

Lightboard - the clever way to explain something

Many classic tools aren't suitable for videos. Whiteboards are reflective and often have poor contrast, whiteboards look old-fashioned, and flipcharts are awkward to use.

Lightboards provide a remedy: You write on a glass panel directly in front of you. Neon pens make the writings and sketches glow and provide perfect contrast. This results in a modern overall impression and you as a speaker always have eye contact with the camera to address the audience directly.

Ready for your studio shoot?