This is how we create your video

From the idea to the finished video in just a few steps.
  • You got

    an idea

    or the wish to present a product, a service or your whole company in a video. Then you should't hesitate to contact us.

    Get in contact now!
  • With us you get an expert


    In an interview with you we find out which video suites your purpose the most. We create the right setting for your target group, content and application.

  • We work on

    a scheme

    From the information gained we develop a scheme which provides you with a first impression on how the video will look like.

  • The start of the


    Together we create a time frame. Depending on the type of the video the shooting will take only one day or will be spread over several weeks.

  • Afer that follows

    the cut of the video

    When the shootig is completed we start with the cutting of the video. With a rough cut you will be given an iside at the current status. With that we make sure that all your wishes are included from the beginning.

  • The video get's

    speaker and text

    Parallel to the cut, the text for the speaker and titles are created. When those are coordinated and finalized with you, they are spoken by a professional speaker.

  • The last

    changes and adjustments

    Last but not least you will have a last view over the video and it will be finalized.

  • We step to

    the delivery

    Finished. You receive your video in diffent formats for different applications.